ARES, named after the Greek god of war, is an American watch company manufacturing hard-use mission timers in the Pacific Northwest.

ARES was founded by Matthew Graham, who is the owner and lead designer.

Matt spent the previous 12 years at the Central Intelligence Agency and is now designing and manufacturing the hard-use mission timers he always wished he’d had: a quality made, low cost, hard use operational watch, guaranteed for life.

Based outside of Seattle, ARES employs some of the most respected watchmakers from programs in the US and around the world. These specialist watchmakers are trained in the SAWTA curriculum to the same exacting standards that are used by Swiss Manufacturers, to ensure the highest quality standards for professional craftsmanship.

Our watchmakers create, certify, and service each Ares Watch.

Matt, and the professional watchmakers of ARES, are proud to present the American Made DIVER-1.